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  • We introduce you the most famous shellfish.
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    different recepies

    pot of mussels

    fresh mussels

    homemade bread

    Come and visit us in Lazise, on the shores of Garda Lake.

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    Mussels are our speciality, but that’s not all. Try our cuisine: fresh, simple and full of taste.

    Our pizza? Organic flours and selected fresh ingredients, all baked in the traditional oven.

    We're waiting for you

    Before arriving to your table, our mussels tell a story that starts early in the morning, every day.

    This is Cozzy, our mascot, true spirit of the place. With its smile, it is the symbol of our love for Cozzeria and for our job.

    It was there when we inaugurated this project, and since then we’ve never separated.
    And indeed, when you arrive in Cozzeria it is Cozzy the first you would see: it welcomes everybody at the door, as the perfect host.

    Even more: you can spot Cozzy everywhere. From the menu (where you can read its deeds and its active participation in Lazise’s everyday life) to Facebook, where many of you appear with Cozzy in a souvenir pic.

    Yeah it’s true: although it’ll never admit it, Cozzy loves celebrity. So when you come to visit us, don’t forget to pose with Cozzy before leaving.

    We like to think that its unshakable good mood, its characteristic energy, is a reflection of the love you prove us while your stay, and of your appreciation for what we do (and how we do it).